Well we made it! We have officially been at ASSA for 24 hours; they’ve been a whirlwind.

We arrived yesterday into Trivandrum at 2:45am, then had a 3 hour cab ride to ASSA, arriving around 7am local time.  It was definitely a bit dicey by Western standards of driving, but it was a good reminder that I’m definitely “not in Kansas anymore”. With the time difference of 12 and a half hours, the jetlag caught up to us around mid afternoon,

Yesterday was spent meeting different people within the organization (there are 30 acres, not all of it developed, but the compound is HUGE) and celebrating Pongal. This festival is similar to Thanksgiving; it is a celebration of the harvest and offers food to the sun gods. We ended up in more photos than we could count, and met with Sulo, who is one of the coordinator’s mothers.  More on that to come!

Today is still part of Pongal, so there is no work being done on the campus today. We’ll spend the day organizing the OT supplies and familiarizing ourselves with what is available to us. We’re also hoping to go into Tankasi, to exchange money and get a few more supplies (latext gloves etc).

I’ll fill in some more details about the first couple days out later on; we’re off to breakfast!




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