Work work work work work work

Day 4!

Today was a bit of a rollercoaster. After toast and peanut butter for breakfast (seriously such a treat), and a slowish start, we met with Ram, the head PT and were assigned our clients. E & S will be working in the spinal cord/stroke units and I will be in the early intervention (EI) unit.

The OT who works in EI wasnt there today, so I met my first kiddo with the special educator who performs the treatments while the OT is away. His mom speaks fairly good English (insert hallelujah hands here) and I was able to gleam some information from her about her son’s strengths and weaknesses. He’s only 3 and a half, but I think he’ll be a lot of fun to work with. Many of the children who come to for EI have developmental delays, autism, cerebral palsy (CP) or other conditions that affect their overall development (socially, neurologically, motor-wise, sensory etc.) and are seen by OT and PT daily. This can make a marked difference in the children’s gains and overall function in their daily lives.

My second child did not attend today, as it is the last day of Pongal. I shadowed the PT in the EI unit and observed him working with a child who had weak pelvic muscles and poor postural control due to sensory issues stemming from his autism diagnosis and other co-diagnoses.

The afternoon was spent trying to track down information on my children that I would see (Mega fail. Tomorrow is another day…) and then meeting with Ram and another PT about going into more remote villages to do EI work. It was all a bit chaotic, but tentatively, I will be going into villages ~30 minutes away 2 days a week to evaluate and treat children who could have a variety of conditions and issues, ranging from spina bifida, autism, CP, sensory processing/integration problems, etc. We will travel with a community resource worker who is trained in OT, PT, SLP (speech language pathology) and is able to carry out the treatments that the other professionals have recommended. I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed about that, but feel like it could be a really good opportunity to challenge myself and see OT on a very grassroots kind of level. I’ll chat with my supervisor more about what exactly she thinks it will entail, although it’s really tough to say until we’re in it. Cue my anxiety here.

Im trying to remember that its only been 1 day, and there is so much to learn and grow from. Deep breaths.






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