Day 9

Ouf. Today.

I spent the morning in the EI centre, working with my two kids there. It was the first time I had met one of my clients, and the translation portion was a lot harder than anticipated. My other client’s mother ended up translating, which was helpful. Next time I will definitely be calling on ASSA’s dedicated translators for everyone’s benefit. Having other clients translate is nice for relationship building but not necessarily privacy.

One of my children/clients has a REALLY short attention span.. doesnt respond to his name unless paired with a command, and will sit still for literally 3 seconds, doesnt speak etc. My challenge is to increase his attention span so he can dress himself and teach him how to jump. Its going to be interesting, and push my skills as an OT.

The EI centre is really hot, and I left there feeling absolutely wiped with a raging headache. The children’s challenges put my skills to the test, not to mention the language barrier, and I really have been doubting if I will make any sort of impact or am even cut out for this career path.  After some substantial self-doubt and a bit of internal moping, I realized that the hard days are going to be hard, and the good days will be good, and that the only thing that stands in the way of the days being good or bad (and anything in between) is me. The more I dwell on the things I dont know or continue to doubt myself, I lose out on being present in the moment. That has always been a challenge for me, because my mind tends to run away on wild adventures, and I’ve thought of every outcome (usually ones that dont involve me succeeding unfortunately) before I’ve had a chance to breathe.

On the upside today, it rained!!!! FINALLY. The area needs it so desperately, its so dry and arid here. We went into Tenkasi before dinner and did a bit of shopping; I bought yellow pants (Hi Im Britt and Im an impulse shopper).Yellow is my favourite colour, so it kind of just had to happen. I’ll post a photo if I ever become brave enough to wear them!


View looking into the fields

We also booked a weekend trip to Varkala beach; we’re headed the first weekend of February. Its a few hours away from ASSA, so we will most likely leave Friday morning and come back Sunday night. The beach is apparently amazing, and the hotel we’re staying at is a close walk.The other perk is that it is a “Western friendly” area, so we can wear our swimsuits and not cause a scandal.  Im definitely looking forward to working on my tan (aka laying under a large umbrella wearing SPF 70) and seeing the ocean. Stay tuned!




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