Hello from the other side.

I suppose I should finally get my act together and update my blog.. I seem to either be super keen to write, or so ambivalent I can’t be bothered.

Since I last wrote, one of my children that I work with has gotten me sick, so Im battling a cold. On the upside, we made it to the southern tip, Kanyakumari, over the weekend.

It was SO nice to leave my “work brain” behind, and properly appreciate the choices and circumstances that brought me to India.

We left ASSA on Saturday afternoon, with a driver who took us the 3 hours to Kanyakumari. We managed to catch the sunset from the roof of our hotel, which happened to be the highest point in the small town. It. Was. Amazing.


We explored the town a bit, and wondered through a maze of shops. I ended up buying two silk saris for about $50,which is insanely cheap, even for India. The gentleman that sold them to us said his wife and mother hand weave every sari, and it takes them about a day and a half to produce… opening a whole other thought about fair wages all around the world. I picked up a few things for my family at home too, now just to figure out how to get them from Montreal to Calgary without spending a fortune on shipping!

After sari shopping, we went for dinner in an air-conditioned restaraunt. A/C was vital. Between the humidity and the heat, we were all wilting. Everything was amazing, and it was nice to just relax a bit. Deciding we werent quite done, a drink was next on our list. We found a small bar, and it appeared that there were other tourists there, although it was relatively quiet. It felt nice to be doing something I would do at home, catch up with friends over coffee or a drink, and be ‘me’ for a bit, without all the extra labels, sometimes their weight is heavier than I realize.

At this point, we were all pretty beat, so we headed back to the hotel. I ended up having a really good chat with my preceptor on the roof, it was cool and breezy and such a nice break from the heat radiating off all the buildings.

Sunrise was at 6:30, and we managed to race up to the roof again to watch a new day be born. Even though there were clouds lining the sky, the sunrise was beautiful. I took a lot of photos on my actual camera; I’ve just been too drained to upload them off my memory card… Perhaps a weekend project for me.


The rest of the day was spent touring the temple on the look out rock; we took a ferry over, although the second look out was closed due to heavy waves and winds.


Looking back to Kanyakumari

I never wanted to leave. The ocean and salt-filled air is one of my happy places, and it was a struggle to peel myself away back to the ferry.

We checked out of our hotel and headed for a nearby beach, and it was worth leaving the look out rocks. The waves and undercurrent were too strong to swim, but we waded into the shallows and collected seashells. Being beside the ocean is so humbling. It reminds me how small and insignificant I am in the context of the world, and to appreciate the amazing wonders of the natural world. Getting back in the car to come home to ASSA was a struggle, I wanted to sit on that beach forever. I need to upload the photos from my camera, so you’ll have to imagine for now 🙂

The last couple days since we’ve been back have been work filled; my kiddos are making some good progress and it’s nice to see that I might actually know what Im talking about in my recommendations. Today was a good day for all of us, so we’re headed into Tenkasi for ice cream (before dinner! the perks of being an adult…) to celebrate. More later!






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