Annual Day

Today was “Annual Day” at ASSA; it is a day to celebrate the students’ successes, and acknowledge the families and staff that support the students that attend both the main stream and special schools. Children and their families who receive services from ASSA offsite (such as some of my village kiddos) came too.




There was a parade to celebrate the new cement road, and lots of dancing and signing. A group of young boys also performed in a marching band. The sidewalk was decorated with elaborate chalk designs as well. A lot of the kids performed, and their expressions of joy made me miss dancing. Being on stage is terrifying and thrilling all at once.

But back to the kids. They were all fantastic, and in typical Indian style, the whole affair was pretty informal, but celebrated with so much appreciation for every performer.



This little girl was in the fashion show that took place in the morning; she’s better dressed than I have ever been in my life! (And yes, we asked her mom for a photo!)




Myself, Eudia, Sarah & Harsha

The day was spent back and forth at various performances, a nice break from being in the stifling EI center. I got to see the kids I work with and their families at the celebration, so it was nice to connect with them even if it was outside of therapy! Tomorrow will be busy, with treatments and splinting, but Im looking forward to it before we head hiking on Sunday!





2 thoughts on “Annual Day

  1. Kelsea says:

    Not only am I enjoying seeing all the sunsets and beaches and delightful monkeys but I was so excited to see a photo of you!!!!! I miss your face! Looking just as fierce as that statue 😀


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