Kanyakumari & Sanguthurai Beach

If you’ve been keeping up with my adventures, we headed to Kanyakumari last weekend. It is the most southern tip of India, and is only 8 degrees north of the equator. To say it was hot is an absurd understatement.

We arrived just in time for the sunset. I have no words to describe sitting on the roof of the hotel, and being so humbled by Mother Nature.


The sunrise. I managed to scramble out of bed to the roof just in time.Watching the day bloom across the clouds and unfurl beams of light into the sea. I realized how small my problems really are, and how many moments I might miss in a day because I’m so caught up living in my head.



After the sunrise, we caught a couple extra hours of sleep, and then went to the look out points. We had to take a ferry, and wear the most ridiculous life jackets for the 5 minute jaunt, which really didnt make me very confident in the boat’s ability (or that of the captain..) but irrational concern aside, we spent a couple hours wondering around the rock.


On our way back, we stopped by Sanguthurai Beach. Breathing in the ocean and letting the salted wind weave its way through our hair. I never ever wanted to leave.


More to come soon.





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