I finally downloaded my camera… so prepare for a photo onslaught. I’ll try and keep it brief!

Last week, we took an afternoon trip to Courtallam Falls, where locals come to bathe and pray. One of the wonderful women I work with in the villages came with us to show us around. P. has the best sense of humor and is so lovely. She carries herself with a sense of determination and dignity; she is truly amazing.

The falls have a few different vantage points, and they were stunning! They’re also home to lots of monkeys; all very adorable and all very capable of running off with your things if you dont keep an eye on them!


Near the falls, there was also a temple to check out (they are seemingly everywhere here!) We received blessings from the holy men, which are made of ash. P. anointed us and I left feeling a sense of peace and extreme gratitude for being able to take part in something so remarkable.


Lastly, we stopped at a park on our way back to ASSA; it was full of children and their families. There was also a pond, with these very detailed, ornate statues. I loved this one, because the woman looked so fierce. She was my fave by far.




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