Its been 18 hours since I landed in Montreal and it’s feeling very surreal to be back.

The flights from India went as smoothly as they could really… The first 5 hour flight a baby screamed bloody murder like I have NEVER heard a child scream before… The next flight from Doha to MTL was 14 hours; I managed to sleep and almost reset my body to Montreal time. Sarah and I grabbed Tim’s coffee after we grabbed our bags, what an amazing feeling to drink real coffee again!! Then it was off for groceries after dropping off my bags at my apartment. I got a quick catch up with my grandparents, mom and aunt, and a couple of my fab 5 back in Calgary which was lovely.

One of the UBC OT girls that is still there messaged me while we were in the air; the little girl I splinted while we were there came looking for me at dinner on Friday (like she did every night) and was upset when I wasnt there. She was the sweetest most adorable little one, and I wanted to scoop her up and bring her back with me for sure.

Last night I caught up with a friend here and his new puppy; wine and cheese are always part of our hangouts so it was a nice re-introduction to the city. It was SO cold yesterday though, I am not stoked to be back in winter.  I was up at 7am MTL time, and lounged and read in bed for a couple hours. It was SO weird to wake up to silence. No bells. No Sarah getting up for her run. No chanting. Silence. After being with people for the last 3 months (7 weeks in India, and 3 weeks at home with my fam) its very very very very very weird to be truly on my own again.

Today will be more laundry, and getting myself organized for classes on Monday. I’ve unpacked everything, and by unpacked, I mean my suitcases are empty but everything is still currently sitting on my floor… It will get itself sorted soon enough!



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