Calm after the storm

Well, hi, again.

Apparently the last few months have been busy for me (who would have thought…). For any of my OT classmates who read this, congrats! We made it through the last semester. Just a few more short months until freedom!

I’ve been juggling a lot this last while, and my blog has fallen by the wayside evidently. There’s lots to update you all on, so I will give you a quick rundown of where Im at in this wild journey.

  • Im currently working on a research project on MS. Its a beast, and not really my fave thing. Grad school can be a pain 😦 This project kind of makes or breaks our graduation status, so there’s definitely some pressure.
  • 2 of my classmates and I are in the works of meeting with a prof to publish a paper on ALS. Its all very preliminary but its exciting! I want to see that through to fruition, to know I can put in the work to see something like that come together.
  • I was part of a group that put forward a proposal to the World Federation of Occupational Therapy for a paper related to the early childhood intervention work I was involved with in India. This makes me thrilled!! Not because of any personal accolades (there are so many wonderful amazing people involved in this project, that are really doing all the tough work!) but because we have an opportunity to share what is happening at ASSA on a world stage.
  • The up-side to my grad school project is that my schedule is SUPER flexible, which is weird for me… Its strange to have very limited scheduled time. Im working part time nannying, and that’s helpful.
  • Im headed to celebrate a dear friend’s wedding in 3 weeks in San Fransisco, so be prepared for some photos from that! Then I’ll be returning home to YYC and my beloved mountains (oh, and my family too 😉 )
  • I have a couple close friends coming to visit, and could not be more excited to see them. One of my best friends recently came to help me celebrate the end of my semester and it was SO good to have her back! The effort, money and time to travel across the country (or anywhere for that matter) to see someone (let alone me!) is something I so appreciate, and was really just the most lovely of her.

I think that gets me sort of kind of caught up.

This last semester was a challenge in so many ways. Time wise, it was a condensed semester so there was 13 weeks of material jammed into 8. One of our classes, community mental health, revolved around power, occupational justice, stigma and interventions aimed at groups rather than the individual. It was really challenging to reflect on so many big, emotionally dense items, but it was so worth it. I feel like it was a great compliment to my experiences in India, and will help me keep unpacking those moments, and to keep learning and challenging myself.

More soon! (for real)





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